Not long to go before the first phase of Making Tax Digital comes into force: just over 6 months in fact and as you will be aware, it’s set to affect VAT registered businesses with turnover above the £85,000 registration threshold from April 2019.

Keeping digital records may be the norm for some but many others view their time as best served elsewhere in the organisation. This is a valid comment, particularly if you are the business owner and there is no bookkeeping support within your firm.

Sometimes the trade-off is ‘productive time’ vs. ‘admin time’ or even ‘home time’ vs. ‘admin time’. Doing what you do best, thereby increasing the potential to earn more, along with enjoying a work-life balance should surely be priorities?

But can you have it all? The short answer is yes!

You are the expert but so are we

We each excel in our own industries. We won’t begin to tell a plumber how to change a tap but whilst we rely on the plumber for his expertise in his field we can be relied on as experts in accountancy services.

FB Digital is geared up to look after your needs and if the time has come to offload the bookkeeping, particularly with MTD round the corner, then so be it – it might be more affordable than you think and frees up your time.

We use the latest digital platforms such as Xero, Quickbooks Online and Sage Cloud which will be compliant with MTD next year. These systems help maintain secure digital records, which you can also have access to and share bookkeeping responsibilities if required.

Use the data to your advantage

You may simply want us to maintain the records, but what about the feedback? By electing to have periodic meetings with us we can act as your Virtual FD and offer advice on the figures real-time rather than waiting until year end accounts are prepared later down the line.

By outsourcing to experts you know the job is going to get done properly. Don’t put it off any longer ask us for a quote