What is QBO really I hear you ask? QuickBooks Online or QBO for short is a cloud based accounting package designed to make your life easier. It offers the flexibility of being able to monitor your business on the go.

With it being cloud based, provided you have an internet connection, you can access your accounting software wherever you are and be sure you are working off the most current data. No need to worry about backing up or the failure of your one computer with your accounts information on it anymore!

The QBO app available for your phone/tablet allows you to take a picture of your receipt while out and about and save it for entering into your accounts at your convenience. No more scrabbling about in pockets and bags looking for small pieces of paper.

QBO can be linked directly to your bank account so all transactions are downloaded into the software. The clever AI thinking of QBO will then look to allocate these transactions to the correct place on the system. Your entry time is reduced while retaining the control of having to approve all allocations.

QBO can be linked to various third party apps which can offer a huge range of time saving or improved management information functions. One of these is Receipt Bank. This allows you to scan purchase invoices, via an external scanner on your phone/tablet’s camera. They are then automatically entered onto QBO once you have approved them.

With all this automation and access from anywhere you can keep on top of the ‘boring’ book keeping bits and concentrate more on the important bits of running your successful business.

We can help you to move your existing accounts data over to QBO with ease. Therefore there is no need to have to re-enter all your customers and suppliers. Two year’s worth of data can be transferred into QBO so you can still have some useful reports to review.