Imagine a world where keeping your business records is no longer a chore.  A world where most of the entries are automated and you can access them from almost anywhere.  Imagine how useful it would be to have up to date management information on the performance of your business for you, your bank manager, your accountant.

Now you need imagine no more, because all of the above, plus much much more are available with Cloud Accounting.  For many people this sounds very technical and very daunting.  However one of the real strengths of the two market leading software providers, Quickbooks Online and Xero, is how easy they are to use, even if you have no bookkeeping background or training. Purchase invoices can be entered by taking a photo using your Apple or Android smart phone (using one of the hundreds of apps that connect to these products).  The software can also be linked to your bank account so that all transactions are entered for you.  All you have to do is review them and make sure they have been allocated to the correct heading.

Being accessible from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone makes our choices of software flexible enough to fit in with your work patterns.  Need to check up on something after you’ve got home from the office?  Log in from home on the device of your choice.  Want to raise some sales invoices while having lunch in your van?  Easily done from the app on your smart phone.

Quickbooks Online and Xero can also both handle your payroll needs.  As well as keeping you compliant with your PAYE obligations they automatically update your accounts.  VAT returns can be taken care of in a couple of mouse clicks.

Finally for now, how about safety and security?  Or, to put it another way, would you rather store your accounting records on a highly secure state of the art network with built-in failsafe protocols or on an ageing PC in the corner of the office with back-ups on a memory stick?

All of the above is merely a flavour of the advantages of going into the Cloud.  To find out more about how you and your business could benefit talk to your main contact at Forrester Boyd.